Greece 1912, 10 Lepta (Drachma)


Basic Details
Gallery Greece - King George by Toksotis
KM # 63.00
Country Greece
Year 1912
Value 10 Lepta (Drachma)
Engraver Charles Pillet
Mint Paris

Physical Details
Shape Round
Diameter 2.10 cm
Weight 4.00 g.
Metal Comp. 98% nickel, 2% copper
Obverse A crown, the inscription; "ΒΑΣΙΛΕΙΟΝ ΤΗΣ ΕΛΛΑΔΟΣ", the date below, a hole in the middle, the Amaltheia's horn left (Edge of General director) and the torch (Edge mark of A. Henri Patey, Chief Engraver).
Reverse The owl on top of a fallen amphora, opposite an olive branch (a theme inspired by an Athenian tetradrachm dating back to the 2nd century BC), the denomination "10 ΛΕΠΤΑ", a hole in the middle and the inscription "CH. Pillet" below.
Edge Plain

A variety without mintmarks (Amaltheia's horn and torch)

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